Norwest Engineering – Sheet Metal & Engineering Specialists

Welcome to Norwest Engineering Limited, a well established name in the Sheet Metal Work & Engineering markets with a long earned reputation for quality and innovation.

The company was established in 1952 and quickly achieved an enviable reputation for carrying out fast and reliable engineering projects. This early success enabled the Company to install the necessary equipment to increase Norwest's capability to tackle larger projects and longer production runs.

Metal Components

Norwest as the experience and facilities to work hand–in–hand with clients at this vital prototype stage. With in-house compute e Company can rapidly engineer master prototypes to economic production.


Laser cutting is the perfect production method for simple and intricately shaped components. Once programmed by the laser CAD/CAM systems, the cutter can be set to produce a single prototype or tens of thousands of identical copies.



Waterjet cutting is the fastest growing profiling method world-wide. Heat and gaseous materials free, the process brings accurate and cost effective cutting options to our customers over a wide range of material, thickness and applications.